AWD Skateboard – Water



When the leader of a underground skateboard cult gets asked by his artist mother if he’ll put her art on his website what is he to do…? He orders her the finest rock hard maple blank decks money can buy. Then he gives them to her so she can do her damn thang. This is a 1 off! That’s right. This is a 1 of a kind deck. There’s only one like this in the world! The boards’ design is painted using a acrylic fluid pour technique. Then it’s coated 3 times using a high gloss, UV protecting laquer. Don’t ask me what an “acrylic fluid Pour” is… OK, I’m back… I Googled it… it’s WAY too hard to explain. Google it yourself, I got shit to do, like sacrificing a scooter kid to the board gods by throwing him into a volcano.

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Size: 7.75
Shape: Popsicle
Construction: Traditional Maple
Concave: Medium