TV Kids Shirt – Black


It was Saturday morning, little Timmy and Tommy woke up super early and raced to the TV to sit and watch their favorite Saturday morning cartoons. Instead what they got when they turned on the TV was a warm fuzzy feeling that washed over them as they got brainwashed by The Cult Of The Board. Later that day they stole their parents credit cards, bought skateboards and set out to go find the highest point in their little town to do acid drops! They both ended up in full body casts… Kids take this as a lesson. Don’t try acid drops as your first trick… You’ll just end up playing a mouth harp and smoking WAY too much weed while traveling the world hucking your body off insane heights while Mr. Hawk writes you checks…..

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4.3 OZ
100% ring spun combed cotton
NAFTA friendly

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